Update a sofa on the cheap

Do you own your dream sofa? Yeah, me neither.

This is my lovely microsuede sectional. Every rug, pillow, coffee table, and any other conceivable decorative accent seems to clash with it– it’s not my style at all. On the bright side, it’s very comfortable and the microsuede is so easy to clean… but it’s still the bane of my decorating existence. And it isn’t going anywhere for a while.

I came across a roll of leftover nailhead trim (from when I made my headboard) and the idea struck– add it to the sofa!

I pretty much eyeballed it when I actually nailed the trim in. But I used clear pushpins to get an idea of how it would look, they’re easier to put in temporarily than the nailheads are. Nobody’s hiring me to be an upholsterer any time soon, but it was an easy little update.

Much better!

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