Wow! Just Some Cardboard and a Fork!

High-quality hand-made carpets are always on-demand. They just add that little something that really makes or breaks the room. Just a pretty little carpet that will liven up your living room or make your bedroom that much comfier, and to make it yourself, you only need to expand your horizons and let your mind run wild.

To make woven carpets like this, you don’t need any special equipment, no special tools, no unique skills, nothing. Just look at these works of art. They were made with a piece of cardboard and a fork! And you can do the same too! These carpets look equally great in tiny apartments and big houses, and what’s most important is that they’re warm and thick enough to protect your feet in case the floor in your home is cold for whatever reason.

To make this type of carpet you need a piece of cardboard that is equal to the size of the carpet you want to make, a simple fork, and leftover wool. You can use hardboard instead of cardboard or any sufficiently wide piece of board that can hold nails in place.

Using a ruler, mark the cardboard from two opposite sides with intervals at every 5 mm.

Make small cuts  along the marks with scissors.

Loop some yarn around the cardboard, sliding it between the cuts.

The less space between the cuts, the thicker the resulting carpet will be.

Let’s get on weaving. Instead of a shuttle we’ll use a simple needle. Thread a second yarn between and across the rows.

Turn, and repeat.

Make several rows. Then, using a fork, tighten them.

Fix the ends of the yarn with some duct tape.

Then carefully sew the ends of the yarn inside.

Take the loops of the cardboard after you’re done.

Cut the loops in half and tie them in knots. If you have some yarn left you can turn it into tassels for your carpet.

So, what do you think?

Here are some more examples:

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