14 Brilliant Hacks to Make Your Housework a Breeze

The old proverb says a woman’s work is never done. Well, in our days many of the classic housewife chores are much simplified and very often considered a hobby. Be that sewing, wall decorating or space organizing.

With our list of 14 brilliant tips and tricks, your housework will be even more fun!

1. Improve your hand-sewing techniques by making spacing marks on the thumb with a pencil.

This simple hack will help you to get perfectly even stitches!

2. You can draw seam allowances easy if you tape 2 pencils together.

3. The simple toe spacer is perfect for storing sewing machine thread bobbins.

4. A small piece of sponge and a clothespin turn into a compact and handy brush in seconds!

5. Looking for cool painting ideas for your walls?

Simply wrap some yarn around a paint roller and experiment with an eye-catching zebra-lines pattern!

6. Create a warm and mysterious ambiance with a Moroccan arabesque style on your walls.

Use your own stencil made of cardboard. For more instructions visit this blog.

7. Empty plastic milk jug makes for great painting brush holder.

8. A lint roller is simply indispensable for crafty people!

It can pick up sequins, beads, small scraps of fabric and threads with a single swipe!

9. Never search for missing needles and pins again!

Keep them at reach and secure on a small plate by gluing to the bottom of the plate couple of magnets.

10. What a wonderful idea to store and display craft tools on a cardboard stand!

11. Use wine corks as knitting needle point protectors. Never let your knitting slide off!

12. Creating a braided bracelet? Bulldog paper clip will hold strands aligned while you work.

13. A large binder clip comes extremely handy when you need to hold in place a small object for slicing.

14. What a great idea for knitting lovers!

Spool of yarn will stay neatly in a bowl while thread feeds through a binder ear. Knitting becomes so much easier!

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