30 Original Decoration Uses for Vases

Not too long ago I came into possession of a vase that simply didn’t go with any flowers whatsoever. That got me to thinking, there have got to be a lot of people with extra vases laying around, and never the flowers to fill them with. So I set out to find a series of practical uses for vases, and share them with you guys. Here goes, I hope you like them!

They’re great for kitchen utensils


Even your ordinary cocktail straws look good in them

One of the more obvious options, is using a variety of candles, floating or otherwise. Fillers can be whatever you come up with.

Tree ornaments.


Fresh berries.

Dry twigs.

Wine corks.

Smooth stones.

Larger vases look great filled with fruit.

Autumn brings its own beauty.

A broader vase can become home to a living composition of plants and art.

Vintage trinkets are very in rights now.

If you bring some sand back from each trip, you’ll soon have a visual history of your travels.

Shells are a gorgeous choice.

Even some old buttons create a sophisticated, artistic feel.

Liven up your bathroom by pouring some coffee into a small glass container for storing cosmetic brushes.

Wide-mouthed vases work well for hair brushes and curling irons.

These compositions are great in that every piece is visible.

Vases are also perfect for tooth paste and brushes.

Or even toilet paper.

Large floor vases are useful for umbrellas.

Jewelry holders are a thing as well.

Leftover yarn looks good in a clear vase.

Keeping office supplies is also made much easier now.

Cover a vase with some memory board.

Old pictures are also great for decorating vases.

Who said vases have to be vertical?

Large vases are perfect for keeping magazines.

Sometimes the weirdest things can end up in your vases.

Have a good time creating and making new things.

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