80 Ways to Change Your Home Interior beyond Recognition

I love my home. I love making it cozy, unique, expressive and fun.  I love decorating, remodelling, changing things around to make my house a place I want to be.  So today, we present you 80 ways to change the interior beyond recognition.

80 Ways to Change Your Home Interior beyond Recognition

1. Beaded curtains

Handmade bead curtains are both elegant, and out there at the same time, which gives them their own unique pull.  Beautifully flowing threads add a certain grace and harmony to the room.

What you will need:

  • the curtains are made of cord or twine
  • a curtain rod
  • beads
  • large beads
  • scissors

Measure the twine and leave a couple of inches extra. Start to weave them in, adding beads as you go.

Decorate the bar with beads and secure the curtains.

2. World map wall decor

What you will need:

  • a world map
  • free area on the wall
  • twine
  • a hammer
  • a pen
  • stationary cloves

Completed maps can be decorated with postcards or photos.

3. Marine concepts: unusual clock on the wall

What you will need:

  • a clock mechanism
  • pebbles
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • paints
  • markers
  • cardboard
  • glue
  • wrapping paper or thick fabric

Wrap the frame with wrapping paper.

Paint the pebbles in different colors and draw numbers from 1 to 12. Fasten the loop in place to secure the watch mechanism.

Glue the stones to the base.

Mount the clock mechanism.

4. Magic lamp

What you will need:

  • a glass jar
  • a glass ball
  • alcohol
  • cotton
  • luminescent paint
  • a brush

First, wipe the jar with alcohol and mark spots inside the jar using your brush and paint.  Wait for the paint to dry and pour in the glass beads.

5. Picket fence style lamp

6. Paintings drawn with flower buds

The main thing is inspiration and aspiration to the beautiful!

7. Felt rose basket for small things

What you will need:

  • felt
  • a ruler
  • a knife
  • safety pins
  • thread
  • the stencil for the hexagon

First, you need to transfer the stencil to the felt and cut out a hexagon.

Put together the center of the figure with pins.

Attach the petals. Ready!

8. Natural composition of branches and fresh flowers

What you will need:

  • wire
  • clippers
  • ribbon
  • about 60 branches up to 6 inches long
  • pruning sheers
  • flowers

To begin, make a twig frame.

Add the sprigs of flowers inside and tighten the frame, securing with wire.

Wrap the composition with a ribbon and put it in a glass vase.

9. Decorate the walls with origami paper

10. Functional Board-organizer

11. Unusual shelf with banks

12. Luminous lace lampshade

What you will need:

  • lace fabric
  • a brush
  • PVA glue
  • a balloon
  • electrical mechanism

Cut circles and ovals from the lace fabric.

Inflate the ball and glue on the lace. Leave to dry for a day.

Pierce the ball and peel it off the lace.

Make a hole for the wiring and install the electrical mechanism.

13. Bucket lampshades for vintage effect

14. Signs with the messages

On the plates, you can also write little notes for your family.

15. Colorful photo collage

A good idea to give the room a romantic and cozy mood. Warm memories will warm the soul all year round.

16. Photo wall of memories

17. Creative pendant with photos

On the pendant you can hang the most important photos for an important family.

18. Letter of memories

19. Stylish vase of jars and nuts

20. Set of cute vases on the wall

What you will need:

  • square boards
  • fasteners
  • strip of leather
  • small glass pots
  • hammer and screws
  • screwdriver
  • scissors

21. Cute little flower in a delicate color

22. Decoupage your old shoes

23. An extraordinary panel of ties

24. Children’s room decoration

25. Vintage window frame living room cabinet

26. Even skis can be used in the interior

27. Ski photo frame

28. Guitars on the wall look very stylish

29. What about vinyl records?

30. Headboard from old pallets

31. Cork floor mat

An unusual solution for bathroom interior.

32. Old flower storage boxes in the kitchen

33. Picket fence for hanger-vintage kitchen decor

34. Decorate your furniture inside or outside with beautiful wallpaper

35. Patchwork wallpaper of different colors

36. Why not use your leftover wallpaper for something nice?

37. Dual function wall picture

38. Lampshade decoration with leftover wallpaper

39. Elements of nature in interior design

40. New application of the conventional hanger

41. The hanger can also be used as a picture holder

42. Office clipboard as a wall composition

43. You can draw directly on your furniture

44. Colorful pompom chandelier for children’s room

45. Colorful paper balls

46. Unusual boho style lighting

47. Pompom braid for curtains

48. Lovely fringe on the lampshade

49. A little light to cheer up the household

50. Soft cushion for baby high chair

Using paint, masking tape and colored wool threads, you can make a cute pillow with pompoms for a high chair.

51. Driftwood as a hanger

52. Vintage chest instead of the usual coffee table

54. Cute bedside table from a small chest

54. If you are used to glass tables, then place a chest inside. It will look very interesting!

55. And how do you like the idea of using a suitcase?

56. Stylish mini-bar

57. Chests instead of the usual shelves

58. Chests for storing household trinkets

59. A comfortable bed for your favorite pet

60. Wall covered in notes for fans of classical music

61. And this option is for avid travelers

62. Large blackboard for notes

63. Vintage wall with Newspapers instead of wallpaper

64. Precious bookmarks

Precious bookmarks not only emphasize their importance, but also become an attractive part of your interior.

You will need beads, brooches and stones.

And velvet or satin ribbons, scissors, thread, needles, glue, wire cutters and clips.

Fold the ribbons in half and glue well.

Arrange the ends of the tapes with clips.

65. Cute napkin butterflies

What you will need:

  • thin wire
  • scissors
  • napkins

Fold the napkin in half.

Make triangles as shown in the photo.

Connect one side of the triangle to the vertex.

Turn the shape over and make the top fold to the base.

It remains to make thin wire antennas and the butterfly is ready.

66. Burlap bird

What you will need:

  • burlap
  • paint
  • sponges
  • a frame
  • a stencil with a pattern

67. Stylish artificial granite cup holders

68. Cute plate decor

What you will need:

  • white plates
  • tape
  • special markers for painting
  • water
  • cotton swabs to adjust the pattern

Option #1

Option #2

In order to fix the drawings on the plates, they need to be placed in the oven for 30 minutes at 420 degrees for porcelain and 30 minutes at 320 degrees for ceramics.

69. Unique vase case

What you will need:

  • plastic bottle
  • 12 6-10 inch zippers
  • threads
  • a knife

Stitch the zipper along its full length.

Sew the edges.

Cut off the top of the bottle.

Trim the flowers and put in a new vase.

70. Practical jewelry stand

71. Unusual trays

72. Hammock-swing for reading your favorite book

73. Stylish jewelry holder

74. Candle holder made of shells

75. Mirror tiles in bedroom interior

76. Vintage shelf made of stairs

77. Serving table for sofa

78. Organizer for households and their dinner preferences

79. Pink hear basket

80. Heart of branches unique decor

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