A New Look At The Bob Cut

The bob cut has long held its position near the top of hair trends, and shows no signs of letting up now. But all good things come to an end, right? Not necessarily. For those growing weary of the classic bob cut, we present the following alternatives sporting the same cute, yet sophisticated qualities, but with a dash of personality here and there, and a few tweaks to spice things up. Best of all, none of the following is age-limited, and it is surprising easy to take care of and keep up.

How it looks

Any length goes! Yes, even shoulder length. Its key features are a line running along the face to about the ear area, which visually seems longer, as it continues behind the ears and head.

This style gives even thin hair strands more volume, even without much styling effort. It stands out with its defined and intentional line, which lends an air of youthful carefree vibrancy. The styling itself makes for a very sustainable shape, which takes a kind of hat form, and keeps it throughout the day, so you don’t have to stop and worry every few minutes what’s happening up there. The pictures below should give you a general idea.

Who can rock it

Women with a triangular facial structure and sharp features look especially good. Oval and longer faces framed by this style are underlined in a unique and totally different way.

We don’t recommend this option to those with rounder, softer features, as it opens up the face, and may make it seem somewhat wider. Thin shoulders and a long delicate neck are perfect, as this cut reveals the neck from every angle.

On some, this cut may look a bit forced, if the neck and shoulders don’t lend to it. Either straight or wavy locks fit well here. Color and hair texture have no objective bearing in this instance, but we have noticed that deeper browns styled this way are gorgeous.

Be careful if you’re highlighting or coloring, since highlighting dries you out and leaves the hair vulnerable when using an iron.

Your options

This version takes it short in the back, while the front runs down around the chin area, without shaving the neck.

Here the back of the neck is covered, and the rest left open, and hair in the front is a couple inches shorter than behind.

The front and back of the cut are clearly separated, and the line continues on, as seen in the pictures.

The back of the neck is trimmed towards the center and hair in the front reaches down below the chin. Triangular facial features compliment this well.

Bob cut gradation

Gradation in this case refers to the “staircase” leading the straight line of the cut. The length also increases along the line.

This goes well with thin, straight hair types, as it visually increases your volume.

Add some bangs

This is a fresh alternative, offering a creative, hinting of its own subculture feel. It hides perceived facial flaws well (a too small or large forehead), and adds a sharpness to the facial features.

Your bangs can be: thick and straight

Jagged and uneven

Free and cutting

Whatever length you fancy

With thin hair, bangs any longer than the middle of your forehead can come off just awkward. If this is you, try keeping it thinner and shorter, flirting with your hairline.


With thick hair, this cut needs no more styling than a quick blow dry. If you have thinner hair, use a dry iron.

The bob cut offers a myriad of options and opportunities for experimentation, and your overall look will change along with it. Be creative and take a risk or two! We hope you enjoyed the article.

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