Accessory DIY Tutorial: Obi Belt From An Old Skirt

Recently I found an old skirt that fitted me in size but was much too short. I really can not remember that I used to wear such short skirts;).

However, because the houndstooth pattern is quite fashionable at the moment, I did not want to throw away the skirt. And although it was very short, I got two accessories from the old skirt: a belt (or better said the main part of the obi belt) and a matching flower brooch.

For this DIY Tutorial you need:

  1. An old skirt (the fabric shouldn’t be too thin)
  2. Seam ripper
  3. Scissors
  4. Craft glue (or fabric glue)
  5. Possibly a sewing kit

DIY Tutorial – The Step by Step – Instructions:

Lay the skirt flat on the table and cut off the collar and the lower part of the skirt. My belt got a width of 15 cm (including the fringes).

Fray the cut fabric ends about 1 cm wide. If the fraying of the material is not possible, you can also top-stitch the ends.

Make two about 2 cm long cuts at the front and on both sides to get three loops. Between every two cuts there should be a distance of about 1.5 cm. In order to illustrate the step in the photo, I’ve marked the cuts with a piece of paper (and pulled paper through the loops).

Thus the cut edges do not fray further, I have fixed the fabric there with a thin layer of fabric glue. Coat the glue only on the backside of the loops and of the frayed edges. I marked the places in red on the photo. Allow drying.

Finally, pull a small belt through the loops. DONE!!!

TIP: By changing the belt on your mood you will add a different note to your outfit every time.

DIY Tutorial – The Final Result:

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