Chrome Manicures You Will Simply Love

It is now conclusively proven, that chrome manicures are one thing no woman can say no to. Anyone with a stake in selling the gel polish, pigment and glitter powder used in this lovely method has got to be loaded by now. The pigment used here goes by quite a few names, including Mirror Powder, Chrome Powder, Chrome Pigment, Glitter Powder. But no matter what you call it, this stuff is just too cute.

Most people lean towards silver or gold shades when doing chrome, but there are actually a number of colored options out there if you care to search them out, especially with blue, green, purple and pink tones.

Pricing the stuff is a slippery slope, depending on where you buy it and what your order consists of. In a salon, just a few ounces could set you way back, whereas a few minutes on ebay or amazon could turn some up for just a couple bucks at the same quality.

So how do you do it?

Step 1

First, you need to put on a couple layers of the gel-polish base, drying each layer respectively under a nail lamp.

Step 2

Its time for the gel-polish itself. Color choice is entirely up to you, but experts say that black is the new black.

Step 3

Now sprinkle the pigment onto each nail separately, and brush off whatever is extra. Next, using an old mascara brush, rub it in well. Repeat for a few layers, until you have the shiny result you want.

Step 4

Once your nails are beautifully sparkling, add one more layer of gel-polish and dry under the lamp again.

Sure, it’ll take some time, but isn’t it worth it?! Look at those nails! Here is an instructional video just in case. Have fun, and know you are beautiful!


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