Fashion DIY Tutorial: Removable Shoe Decoration for Strappy Sandals

Currently, I like nude-colors. I have a lot of beige outfits, but very few matching shoes. What to do? Buy even more shoes or spice up old strappy sandals? This DIY tutorial gives you the correct answer

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

  1. Some tulle (2 times 120 x 6 cm)
  2. Some lace (2 times 60 x 6 cm and 2 times 15 x 2 cm)
  3. Sewing kit or sewing machine
  4. Pins
  5. Elastic lace (for the ankle-strap)
  6. Measure tape
  7. Scissors
  8. About 2 cm wide rubber band (skin-colored)

Two important points before we start with the fashion DIY tutorial:

  • The shoe decoration in the form described here is only suitable for strappy sandals. If you want to use the decoration on pumps, you must use shoe clips instead of fabric bands for knotting.
  • To get the ruffles of the fabric ribbons, the tulle and the have to be twice as long measured to the rubber band.

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

First, you get the necessary length of the shoe decoration by a tape measure fixed directly on the foot by wearing your sandals. As we fold the rubber band later, you need twice the length of the strip.

IMPORTANT: The shoe decoration should not clamp, but rest loosely on the foot – pay attention to this extra length in measuring. A stretched rubber band standing away from the foot doesn’t look that good viewed from the side.

DIY Step 2

Now cut the tulle and the lace at the desired length (tulle: 120 cm x 6 cm, lace: 60 cm x 6 cm).

DIY Step 3

Put the tulle (twice) and the lace together and fix them with pins on the rubber band.

DIY Step 4

Now the fabric strips are sewn centered on the belt, thereby pull the rubber band in the length to get ruffles to the fabric band.

Interim result: After sewing the ruffles band should look like this.

DIY Step 5

Now fold the rubber band as in the picture and fix it with pins.

DIY Step 6


DIY Step 7

Now cut out an extra piece of lace (15 cm x 2 cm) and sew it length-side in the middle of the shoe decoration.

DIY Step 8

Now sew the lace on the top of the band. Finally, take your old strappy sandals and knot the shoe decoration on the foot straps and around the heel – DONE!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Shoe Decoration for Strappy Sandals”

The shoes look well paired with bright 7/8 jeans or black leggings. In the summer (with tanned legs) they will fit short dresses and skirts as well

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