Slingbacks Vs. Heel – Fashion DIY For Slipping Straps

I like my feet. They tolerate my love of high heels and carry me for hours (without complaint) through the area. In return, they are spoiled by me regularly with scrubs and creams.

But if my beloved feet only catch the sight of slingbacks, they (or rather, my heels) cancel the friendship. I can make a maximum of 5 steps with slings before finally, the straps glide down the heels and I have to pull the shoes behind me.

Since I still want to buy and to wear slingbacks, some time ago I got the idea!

Even if you stand with your heels on a war footing, you should clone my idea :-).

For this DIY help you need:

  • satin ribbon in matching color
  • a pair of scissors

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Simply cut two identical long satin ribbons and pull them through the boot-strap on the heel to get a small loop.

DIY Step 2

Then pull the ribbons through the loop and make a knot.

DIY Step 3

Now tie the ribbons around the foot. You get the best hold by tying them on the cross.

DIY Step 4

Once you have tied the straps in a loop, you can shorten them to the desired length. DONE!

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