This Will Completely Transform Your Balcony

I love gardening during the summer season. I love growing vegetables, fruit, and lots of other stuff in my own garden at the summer house. But for those who don’t have a summer house, there are lots of different ways to enjoy gardening as well; they simply have to place it at their own balcony!

This Will Completely Transform Your Balcony

All you need is a variety of tools that can be found in literally every household:

  • A wooden pallet;
  • A crowbar;
  • Hammer and nails;
  • A stapler (or a bunch of tiny nails);
  • Paint;
  • Plastic wrap.

What to do:

Remove 2 bars from the upper side of the pallet (the second one has to be removed on both sides) using a crowbar.

Turn the pallet over and nail the bars to the base.

The resulting space can be painted with any type of paint. Black paint will look the most stylish in my opinion, since you can write the names of the plants or draw something cute on it.

Place the pallet vertically. The spaces we got should be at the top, where our plants will grow.

Attach the black plastic wrap using a stapler or regular nails, but make sure you use the smallest nails available.

Put gravel in the bottom of the shelves.

Fill with soil.

And then plant whatever you want inside.

And now for the most important step: water the plants regularly and put all of your love and care into growing them =)

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