Accessory DIY Tutorial: Sequin Beret

I’ve already told you that I have a considerable Craft-Arsenal because I hardly can pass to borders, fabrics or lace without taking them immediately. I have not mentioned yet that a cupboard in my dressing room is reserved exclusively for my craft stuff. And yet I am somehow sequin moderately ill-equipped.

I always buy only complete sequin bands, because I think that they are easier to sew on. Nevertheless, I have never sewn on a sequin band (they do not please me), but I only detached single sequins. Now I have determined, on my next visits to hobby shops to do a wide berth to anything that reminds glitters and nearly on a band too.

For this simple DIY project, however, I finally have found loose forms of sequins at Folia. With so many sequins there is no more need to detach single sequins from a band 

This DIY guide shows you one of many possibilities to spice up a boring headdress. Usually, it needs only a glance into the dark corners of your closet, where some non-worn pieces are just waiting to be re-discovered. I’ve done it with an old beret, but it works with headdresses of all kinds. This DIY project should be best used as a break filler during a television night (I successfully tried it by myself ).

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Headdress of your choice
  2. Different sequins
  3. Transparent sewing thread (Silk Thread)
  4. Pen, optionally

DIY Tutorial: The Craft Instruction:

Depending on your mood sew the sequins on your beret or any other headdress. Who likes the exactly way, might like to highlight the points with the pen, I personally do not think it necessary.

TIP: Sew sequins with only one hole with two opposite stitches. DONE!

DIY Tutorial – the Final Result Sequin Beret

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