DIY Tutorial: Give An Old Clutch A New Dress With Lace

To those, who follow my blog for some time, this green lace will look familiar, because a few weeks ago it still was a skirt. One that I wore like crazy until I (by the way I’m world champion in “hitting everywhere” and “always getting stuck”) hit on a supermarket-mesh basket and the skirt, especially the lace was ripped open.

Therefore I can not wear the skirt any longer, but as I still find the lace great, an old clutch (second hand, EUR 3.-) got new clothes. What else can be built from the lace, I show you in the next few days.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Old clutch (from grandma, vintage items, flea market …)
  2. Lace fabric (should be stretchy)
  3. Stapler or tacker
  4. Glue (hot glue gun or craft glue – no super glue!)
  5. Scissors

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Put the clutch on the fabric and cut the lace on the desired size. I always let the fabric a little larger to ensure that nothing goes wrong. It is easier to cut away the excess later than to have too little substance.

DIY Step 2

Fold the fabric to the inside and with the stapler fix the lace at the corners of the clutch. Later, when the fabric is glued permanently, you can remove the staples again. You can leave them in there as well, then it is important that you push the sharp tips of the staples inside with the pliers.

DIY Step 3

Carefully glue the lace along the inside of the clutch to “dress up” the bag with the fabric.

DIY Step 4

To enable the clutch to be locked, the closure must be released from the fabric. Therefore make a small incision with the scissors and push the lace under the closure.

DIY Step 5

Finally cut away the remains of the lace either straight or by following the forms of the decorations.

Fashion Accessory DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Lace-Clutch”

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