Fashion DIY Tutorial : Push the Buttons

The penultimate instruction in my DIY Advent Calendar is very easy, but it takes about three hours’ time. For me, the effort has paid off, because my old H&M-overall, which I was wearing no longer at least 2 years, I have made viable again. The charge compensates the effort, as to get these colorful little buttons found in a 200 pieces package starts at 50 cents.

Even more photos from my pimped jumpsuit you’ll find here in my fashion blog.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Top that you want to spice up
  2. Colored buttons
  3. Transparent yarn and needle

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

A cup of hot chocolate and a few Christmas cookies, start a good DVD (preferably a movie you already know) and by the way sew the colored buttons just like at the picture on your top, skirt, trousers, or whatever. DONE!

TIP: Since the loose yarn scratches on the body, you should always knot the ends of the yarn on the upper side and cover the knot with the next button.

DIY Tutorial – Final Result

Jumpsuit by H & M: spiced up with buttons • Belts and hat: Mango • Necklace with a bow tie: DIY Guide • Bracelet: DIY Guide • Shoes: DIY Guide

Need some more inspiration? Here’s the song “Push The Button”:

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