My dirty little decorating secret

Last August, I moved into the most uninspiring rental apartment you can imagine. Though we will only live here for another year at the most, I’m doing what I can to make it into a nice little home. It really stinks not being able to paint the walls, replace the flooring, or install different lighting! But one thing I can do is hang things on the walls.

I started out with my little entry gallery wall, using nails to hang all the frames. (Looks super crooked, but I promise it’s not.) I hesitated to put it all up for a while because it put so many holes in the walls, but finally just did it. Then I had an epiphany: 3M Command Hooks.

Now I hang just about everything in my house from these sticky hooks–from the art and feather decorations on the sofa wall, to the cork board and curtains in our study.

Yes, I used Command Hooks to hang curtains.

I know that seems super ghetto, but no one notices. And for renters, it is a great solution–much better than having no curtains at all!

Be warned: the hooks don’t hold up fantastically in humidity. When we got home from the beach yesterday, our large (heavy) hallway mirror had fallen to the floor. It didn’t break (miracle!), but I wouldn’t suggest using them to hang anything heavy or breakable. Lesson learned. I’m okay with using them for the study curtains only because we never open or close them and don’t have kids or pets who might pull them down.

So that is my dirty little (rental) decorating secret.

What’s yours?

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