9 Tips and Tricks to Make Housework Easier

9 Tips and Tricks to Make Housework Easier

Everybody loves a clean house, but very few people enjoy actually cleaning it. It’s better to spend the evening doing what you love, not scrubbing the microwave. We present you a selection of cool lifehacks for cleaning that will make your life that much easier.

Vacuuming hard-to-reach spaces

A simple toilet paper tube is great for helping you reach those pesky corners and other spaces that would be otherwise left full of dust were you vacuuming normally.

Get rid of tile mold

You will need: a tablespoon of bleach for half a glass of water or a glass of bleach for 3 quarters of a gallon of water. Rub the mixture between the seams of the tiles and rinse after 15 minutes.

Furniture marks on the carpet

Put ice cubes on the spots and leave overnight. Water will be absorbed into the carpet, and the carpet pile will straighten on its own.

Cleaning knife holders

For cleaning the knife holder you only need to use one of just 3 tools: a vacuum cleaner on the narrowest nozzle setting, long and thin brushes or a regular hairdryer. Simple as that!

Cleaning the dishwasher

You don’t need any fancy tricks to clean the dishwasher. Add vinegar, run an empty dishwasher for a full cycle and voila, no odors and your dishwasher is glistening again!

Finding the lost bead

Put a stocking on the vacuum nozzle and search the house.

Cat pee

Pour some water where your favorite pet has left its mark, and pour vinegar or soda to eliminate the smell. Rinse with clean water.

Cleaning the frenchpress

Put some soda into an empty flask and wipe with a paper towel. Rinse with water.

Cleaning glass plafonds

Remove the plafonds and toss them into a dishwasher. That’s literally it.

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