Homemaking It Perfect

Alexandra Kostello at 30 years old is about as popular as homemakers come. Her YouTube channel is all about organizing your home, which is reinforced by her personal example, as she truly does practice what she preaches. Her videos are for fellow perfectionist homemakers, or those of you just looking for some solid ideas for keeping your place neat and orderly.

Here are her several basic principles:

  • there is a special place for everything, similar stays together, write down where you put it
  • closed drawers, to avoid dust accumulation
  • always label each drawer, so know exactly what’s inside
  • tags go on the outside, to save time later
  • use your space as effectively as possible

When it comes to the kitchen, leave nothing out that you don’t have to.

A special place for everything.

A special labeled place.

In a special labeled container.

Yes, even the tea bags.

All space used to its full potential.

All the lids in one holder.

A tidy workspace.

Multifunctional systemized shelving.

Home documents not only in the appropriate folders, but color coordinated as well.

Easily accessible, plain view schedule for a few months in advance.

Accessories kept next to the clothes for convenience.

Each hanger is tagged, for instance, “long sleeve”.

Hangers are marked by clothing color.

A scarf rack on the closet wall or door.

Small bathroom? Big imagination.

Pockets between the two shower curtains? Why not.

Even the door is made useful.

First aid and sunscreen.

Nifty shelves in the garage.

A creative way to store balls.

Even the batteries are labeled.

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