Minimal Effort Garden Walkway

When I was just planning out my back yard and garden, I had no desire to spend a lot of time on a walkway. There was just so much else more important stuff to do. However, no path means no boundaries and no boundaries means a trampled already struggling flower garden and lawn. So, shovel in hand, I marked out, however crudely, the basic course I wanted my walkway to take.

Digging isn’t my favorite thing to do, but here we go.

Careful not to ruin any flowers or plants.

I lined the trench with geotextile, to keep my gravel from spreading the walkway from losing shape.

Next I started pouring in the gravel.

Still doing it. Something resembling a path begins to emerge.

I kept spraying with water and trampling it down as I went along.

Of course I got some heavy duty cardio in.

Keep at it, pour gravel, spray water and repeat.

Pack it down as well as possible.

A little more.

A bird’s eye view.

Time for a test run. Thin soled sneakers to test whether rocks stick into the soles. They don’t.

Next to cut off the edges.

Even out the ground around the path.

This is after the grass came in.

God knows what kind of grass, but who cares!)))

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